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Transforming customer impact with AI for Retail

Maya Retail AI can help you dominate the retail industry by improving customer experiences, increasing operational efficiency, and enabling personalized recommendations.

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Understand Customer Behavior

Maya can display your customers’ feelings, opinions, and attitudes towards your brand. It can be measured on a positive to negative scale, or as emotions such as anger, frustration, and happiness.

Understand Customer Behavior with Maya AI for the Retail Industry

Ratings Have Feelings Too

The way a company understands and manages their customer expectations is essential to building successful business performance. Maya reveals how companies can succeed by managing these two factors, as it depicts the relationship between them in which both are necessary for success.

Customer Ratings in Retail with AI

Become Market Experts

Maya can help a business distinguish itself from competitors and charge higher prices. The technology also helps build brand loyalty, which in turn attracts an even wider audience for their product or service offerings. 

Get Market Expertise with Maya AI for Retail

Optimize Your Pricing

It’s a complicated process to figure out the right price for your products. That’s where Maya comes in! The artificial intelligence program helps businesses determine what they should charge customers based on how much it costs them, including materials and labor. 

Price Optimization AI with Maya for Retail

What can you do with Maya AI for Retail?

Can you provide insights into my competitive landscape and identify emerging players, analyze market share, and predict future trends?
Example of Maya Retail AI: How are customers feeling about the new product launch, and what are the reviews?
Can you provide recommendations on how we can improve our supply chain operations, such as reducing lead times, minimizing inventory costs, and improving delivery times?
How many sales did I make in the past 2 weeks, and what are some ways I can grow those numbers?
Read this report and tell me how these trends could affect my customer's buying behavior.
Based on the economic shifts in the US, what does the next 3-6 months look like in terms of drastic buying behavior?
"Hey Maya, tell me about any supply chain regulations that could affect my European distribution"
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Retail AI Use Cases

Meet Maya AI Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Market Analysis

You need to look at your competitors and see how they are affecting the market.

Meet Maya AI Customer Intelligence

User Sentiment Analysis

Understanding what customers are thinking, feeling, and how they are reacting to the company’s products and services.

Meet Maya AI Brand Management

Brand Reputation Analysis

Analyze how your company is being rated through, social media, publications, reviews, etc.

Meet Maya AI Cultural Intelligence

Policy Changes

Find out how policy changes could impact your business and what you need to do to prepare.

Meet Maya AI Trends

Market Trends

Understand what trends could affect your business and how you can use them.

Meet Maya AI Advertising Intelligence

Price Optimization

Analyze how customers will respond to different prices for your products/ services through various elements.

How does Maya do it?

Stay ahead of the market while it’s happening with AI for Retail

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