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Maya is transforming the pharma industry by accelerating drug discovery, improving clinical trials, and optimizing the delivery processes.

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Medical Affairs, Regulation & Compliance

Helping R&D and MSL teams stay informed with instant updates from various regulatory bodies on evolving policies affecting clinical operations or drug preparations. Maya analyzes internal workflows and real-world evidence to recommend actionable steps for implementing necessary changes.

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Drug Impact

Maya enhances drug deployment strategies using pharmaceutical data and RWE. It aligns drugs with market demand, improves choices, and identifies creative uses, contributing to innovation and predicting proftiable market impact.

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Pre-Clinical Assessment

Maya uses historical clinical data and RWE to connect symptoms with medicines, helping make better choices in early assessments. It also finds new uses for existing drugs and predicts possible side effects, improving how we evaluate drugs before clinical trials.

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Drug Analysis

Analyze patterns and connections in data, like drug effectiveness and patient reviews, to create better and personalized treatments.

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RWE Analysis

Study extensive medical data, find patterns between symptoms and drugs, and enhance patient outcomes with personalized treatment plans.
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Locational Analysis

Analyzing patient data, hospital locations, and geographic information to identify areas of condition or disease correlations and regulations.
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KOL Analysis

Quickly process data, identifying influencers, and providing insights for strategic decision-makers expectations and requirements.

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Data Summary

Gathering specifc information from different types of data, documents, audio, video, and more.
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Drug Distribution

Analyze data on market trends, supply chain logistics, and consumer behavior,to enhance efficiency and impact of specifc drugs.

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