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How much should I price my products, Maya?

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We have an inventory and pricing on certain products. We are going to have Maya deep learn on the spreadsheet and then provide strategies on how to optimize the pricing around my products. Also revolving on certain discounts and deals. 


Figuring out what is the best pricing to implement toward a specific deal and what to expect from a customer perspective.

The Solution

Maya is an AI market intelligence engine that creates opportunities from external influences. Maya helps to understand company data and strategize with external data.

This video uses historical company data to predict price optimization on product deals to make more informed and speedier decisions. All performed in minutes!


Maya was able to accurately forecast pricing strategies based on the inventory and trending deals. Pinpointing what key insights I need to know about and how to use those pieces of information.

Using Maya

About 20 min

Manual Process

About 2.85 hrs

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