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Medical Affairs, Regulation & Compliance

Helping R&D and MSL teams stay informed with instant updates from various regulatory bodies on evolving policies affecting treatment operations. Maya analyzes internal workflows and real-world evidence to recommend actionable steps for implementing necessary changes.

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Therapeutic Alignment

Maya reads extensive patient data, considering medical history, genetics, and lifestyle. It offers personalized treatment suggestions to enhance each patient’s outcomes. By swiftly identifying patterns, Maya supports HCPs in making well-informed decisions, leading to more effective care and improved treatment quality.

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Patient Education

Maya thoroughly examines patient data and medical records, while considering individual preferences. Leveraging this information, Maya crafts informative reports and paperwork tailored to educate patients about upcoming surgeries, diagnostics, and treatments.

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Data Summary

Gathering specifc information from different types of data, documents, audio, video, and more.

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Sentiment Analysis

Analyze patient feedback, social data, and other sources to understand patient attitudes and experiences.

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Partial Correlation

Identifying complex relationships and patterns within multiple data silos and sources.

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KOL Analysis

Quickly process data, identifying influencers, and providing insights for strategic decision-makers expectations and requirements.

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RWE Analysis

Streamlining diverse healthcare data, extracting patterns, and providing personalized insights for practitioners, researchers, and policymakers.

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Locational Analysis

Analyzing patient data, hospital locations, and geographic information to identify areas of condition or disease correlations and regulations.

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