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At Maya AI, we are passionate to accelerate the analysis and data journey by finding answers within data faster, better, and more accurately.


Maya AI is an AI data robot, a software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data, extract insights and improve the decision-making process. It can help to find answers within data faster, better, and more accurately.


To inspire humanity to become more efficient in daily life by creating personal accurate knowledge. By developing innovative solutions that improve outcomes, drive operational efficiency, and support providers and organizations in delivering high-quality, cost-effective decisions.

Core Values

  • Responsible AI
  • Bold
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Transparency
  • Validation

How does Maya do it?

Stay ahead of the market while it’s happening

Meet Maya, a private generative AI for internal and external data insights

Brand Design

Our beliefs drive all of our actions. Our brand values aren’t just evident in our products, but they are ingrained in our work processes.

Meet Maya AI Brand Design

Logo Usage

Maya AI logo is the company’s primary visual identifier and should be used consistently across all brand touchpoints, including digital and print materials. The logo should not be altered, stretched, or distorted in any way. When using the logo, it should always be surrounded by clear space and have sufficient contrast to ensure legibility. Additionally, the logo may only be used with explicit permission from Maya AI and should not be used in a way that implies endorsement or partnership without prior approval.

As a brand dedicated to helping businesses thrive, Maya AI is committed to providing guidance on the appropriate use of our logo, product icons, and other brand elements across various industries, whether you are a small business owner, filmmaker, software developer, or teacher. We aim to ensure that our brand is represented accurately and consistently, while allowing you to effectively communicate your association with Maya AI.
Meet Maya AI Brand Logo

Color Usage

Maya AI uses different colors to represent trust, intelligence, growth, and balance. These colors are used to create a clean, professional, and approachable look for the brand. Secondary accent colors may also be used sparingly to add visual interest and highlight specific elements. The color usage is designed to convey the brand’s values and mission while maintaining a modern and sleek appearance.






Maya AI typography usage employs a clean and modern design to ensure legibility and easy recognition. The primary font used is Montserrat, which is a sans-serif font that complements the brand’s modern and innovative image. The use of bold and regular weights helps to create a clear visual hierarchy and emphasize important information. The typography is also used consistently across all brand materials to create a cohesive and recognizable look.



Brand Values

Our beliefs drive all of our actions. Our brand values aren’t just evident in our products, but they are ingrained in our work processes.

Meet Maya AI Brand Value Header Icon

Maya AI Values & Mission

Putting our set of values or our way of life in writing wasn’t an easy task. Mainly because the moment we started putting this in writing, it already altered. We started with a set of Maya AI peeps writing down every word that came to mind when thinking about Maya. We made categories and tried making sentences out of them. We shared that with the whole group, got some good feedback, and slimmed it down to these powerful core values:

Meet Maya AI Brand Value Icon
We prioritize ethics, transparency, and compliance in our solutions and services for customers, partners, and stakeholders. Trust and responsibility are key values that guide our team.
Meet Maya AI Brand Value Icon
We use technology to improve lives while minimizing negative impact. We contribute positively to communities and act as responsible global citizens, accountable for the impact of our solutions.
Meet Maya AI Brand Value Icon
We constantly address the needs of our customers and partners. Our curiosity, creativity, and agility drive positive change and impact, as we provide insights to stay ahead of the curve.
Meet Maya AI bulb icon
We value innovation, pushing ourselves to find better solutions for our customers and partners. We encourage creativity, experimentation, and learning to continuously improve and stay at the forefront of technology.
Meet Maya AI Brand Value Icon
We prioritize human-centeredness, developing eviroments that are sensitive to our customers' needs. We strive to create a positive environment for our team to be able to to innovate and collaborate effectily without the stress.
Meet Maya AI Brand Value Icon
We conduct our business with honesty, fairness, and transparency, adhering to the highest ethical standards. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our community based on respect and ethical conduct.
Meet Maya AI icon
Maya AI values teamwork, collaboration, and support among its team members, customers, partners, and stakeholders. It fosters a culture of inclusivity, respect, open communication, and continuous learning to achieve shared goals and success.
Meet Maya AI Brand Value Icon
we believe in operating with transparency and honesty in all of our business dealings. We prioritize clear communication, ethical behavior, and integrity in our relationships. We strive to promote a culture of trust and accountability within our team and in the wider community.
Meet Maya AI brain icon
We value the unique contributions from different backgrounds and believe that fosters creativity, innovation, and growth. We strive to promote diversity and equity in all aspects of our business, and to create a culture that celebrates and values differences.

Company Story

The three Ramphal brothers have been building startups for 10+ years together with over 35 years of combined experience. After failing successfully in our last startups, we realized that the biggest issue was how to use our time more efficiently so as not to be held back by it anymore!


We started our business with an idea so naively simple, it was hard to believe anyone would really need this. But then we saw the way brands and businesses were spending hours every day trying to figure out how to understand the external world. It’s something we all struggle with…


That’s when Maya AI was born.

Maya's Co-Founders

Sat, Co-Creator of Maya

Satyam (Sat) Ramphal - Co-founder

🌴4X founder & CEO of Maya AI | Innovator in Generative AI & the road to AGI🏆 | Speaker | Mentor | Florida born 🏖

I dropped into life at 19, when leaving college to start my first company. 10 years later I am in my 4th company and loving every bit of it. I have built businesses in Software development, Marketing agencies, Call centers, and Tech enabled companies in Ai/ML

Focus experiences in:
Deep Learning | Ai/ML | Quantum
Generative Ai and Human-Machine interaction

👀 My quotes 🗽
“Procrastination is the death of progress”


I was in a band 10 years ago 🎹🎼

Sean, Co-Creator of Maya

Shivanand (Sean) Ramphal - Co-founder

Sean and his team are working passionately and effortlessly on inventions to improve the way technology is utilized to create our futures.


Co-inventor of Maya, he currently sits on the board and contributes to the following areas…

– Ai Tech Neurosciences
– Maya’s Brain Functions
– Experience Sciences
– Globalization


In his own words

“My team and I have yet to touch the real problems here on this planet. We’re making our way through each phase, strategically, with fresh ideas and perspectives. In short, we’re helping the visionary of today, build the world we’ll see tomorrow. Sometimes you’ve got to do things differently, on purpose. In our experience, it always brings up something unexpected, and I’ve seen with my own eyes we’ve uniquely turned unexpected into unbelievable, unintentionally.”

Shivam, Co-Creator of Maya

Shivam Ramphal - Co-founder

👋👋👋 Shivam Ramphal is a passionate entrepreneur and technology leader, currently serving as the Co-Founder of Maya AI. With a strong background in chemical engineering, health, marketing, and robotics, Shivam and his team led Maya AI’s cutting-edge AI-powered tech that to transform deep research and strategy building.

🎓 He holds an Associate’s degree in Engineering and Business Management from the HCC (Hillsborough Community College). Shivam is driven by a strong desire to use technology to improve people’s lives and is committed to building AI that makes answers more accessible, efficient, and effective. 🤖🤖🤖

🚀 In addition to his work at Maya AI, he is also an active mentor, advisor, and friend to other startups and entrepreneurs and is passionate about giving back to his community through philanthropy and volunteerism.

Our Team

The faces behind the Maya’s brain

Brian image

Brian Benedict

GTM/ Sales

Stratos Davlos


Pushpa Baraik

AI Content Writer/ Developer

Tingyi Wanyan

Chief Scientist

Misael Jimenez

AI Engineer

Shivam Mittal

NLP Engineer

Santo image

Santo Cannone

Alvaro image

Alvaro Quintana

Eric Hawk image

Eric Hawk

Angela Solk image

Angela Solk

Sanker David image

David Sankar

Scott Winston image

Scott Winston